We're a bunch.

We’ve shared many treasured moments together; waiting for the kettle to boil, award-winning dad jokes and the odd random fact too – just incase any of us find ourselves on a game show. It’s this and our passion for the work we do that makes us the team we are, delivering quality, tailored solutions for your business!

Byron Muller

Head of IT

With over 10 years experience in IT, Byron’s worth listening to when it comes to all things tech. His cheery, helpful, nature means he’s a hit with the crowds too.

But we know, what you really want to know is that his coffee intake can be likened to the fuel consumption of a V10 muscle car – thirsty. And his finely tuned ear means he can hear a troubled ship’s engine from inside a server room.

Curt Brockman

Systems Engineer

Curt handles everything from End User Support to Server and Infrastructure issues.

Among his many talents, Curt has moves like Jagger and has a passion for anything remotely musical sounding. He’s also reigning office-mini-ping-pong champ.

Well played Curt.

Jason Geldart

Support Engineer

Jason assists with support for anything from Laptops to Servers, and everything in between. He thinks he’s Batman (shame).

Jason has a coffee cup that is so lumo it can be seen from space. He’s also a car man through and through and keeps the revs up, even in his work capacity.

Max Taag

Project Support

Max’s project co-ordination skills and attention to detail is mind-blowing. Seriously, Where’s Wally doesn’t stand a chance. Rumour has it, several specialised government agencies have tried to poach her but alas, she turned them down.

Apart from that she’s fluent in animal and can’t resist the charm offensive of a fluffy beast.

Claudette Guyan

Graphic Designer

Karla Potgieter

Junior Graphic Designer

With a keen eye for design and detail, Karla adds another facet to our vibrant media team.

We can confirm her favorite color is green and it’s said her natural habitat looks incredibly similar to a well-stocked stationery shop. Her collection of Washi Tape, Pastel Highlighters and extensive knowledge on Felt Tipped Pens definitely makes this theory seem plausible. Talk about making marks.

Cornelius Poisat

Content Producer

Cornelius is our talented Content Generator.

Some say he posses the superpower of bilocation. While that’s definitely a possibility, we can confirm that Cornelius can operate a drone with one hand, blind-folded, in PE gale force winds. Okay fine, maybe not one-handed but he’s good. He can generate content in record time while making even the most camera shy, feel completely at ease in front of a camera. Good on you Corn.

Diego Gonzalez

Junior Developer

Diego speaks the languages of Web Dev and enjoys the melodic sounds of Heavy Metal.


He’s also recently joined a highly distinguished group of human beings with the incredible, almost unbelievable ability, to rock formal work shoes and gym clothes together in one outfit. Speaking of rocks, he’s a Rock Climber too and will show you exactly what a cliffhanger really is. Actually, maybe his stealthy sense of humour will do that instead?

Jordache Lalpersad

System Administrator

This System Administrator brings the heat in more ways than one.


He classifies Tabasco Sauce as ‘cute’ and is not afraid of your forgotten password error alerts. In fact, he’ll tell you it’s your favourite cat’s name with a #1 at the end. He’s also an avid Wrestler, which means he knows how to get unstuck fast. We recommend running a full system check before stepping into the ring with Jordache – if you cache what we mean?

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